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3 Ways To Integrate Emotional Trauma and Live in Peace in Uncertain Times with Michelle Melendez

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Our lives have been turned upside down during the last 12 months. If you’re reading this, you may have felt…
~ Fear~Anxiety~Anger~Confusion ~And more!

You’re not alone. Join 4-time award-winning author, Michelle Melendez and discover 3 ways to integrate your emotional trauma and live in peace, no matter what happens in your life.

Michelle has been a wellness expert and Live in a Body You Love Specialist for two-decades. She will teach you new ways to see the world and experience yourself that will leave you with more confidence, self-love, and faith under any circumstance. How can a wellness expert do that? Join us and find out!

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Michelle Melendez

Here is what a client had to say:

“I have learned to love and acceptance myself and my body on a level I never thought possible! Any emotions that come up, I now know what to do with them, and the resistance just falls away. I’m excited about what my future holds!! Thank you for your wisdom, Michelle! This work is fantastic!” -Natalie Rowettx

About Micdelle Melendez

Michelle Melendez is the author of the bestselling and 4-time award-winning book, “End Dieting Hell: How to find peace in your body and lose the weight”. She has been a fitness trainer since 1996 and a Live in a Body You Love Specialist since 2009.

After years of coaching women to lose weight, Michelle discovered that emotional trauma is the reason they gain the weight back over and over again. That’s when she created her exclusive Live in a Body You Love 90-day journey and 7-day Hawaii retreat.

Michelle has been interviewed by Dr. Ritamaria Loscalzo; Dr. Lindsey Berson on the “Best Health Radio” show;
Dr. Julie Wilkening on “The weight-loss show”; “Thin Within” with Marna Thall, and more!

She is the founder of Blossom Inner Wellness, Women Being Fit, and the Pilates Cardiocamp.

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