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Ancestral StoryClearing with Monique Hunt

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Release Poverty Stories from Your Life and Lineage!

Learn how financial challenges, money loss, and poverty experienced by your Ancestors might be blocking your flow of Abundance. Your Ancestors’ gifts, blessings, and traumas are embedded in your DNA, learn how their experiences impact your life today.

Ancestral StoryClearing is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to release an unwanted embedded family story allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity, or more fulfilling relationships. StoryClearing also benefits your descendants.

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Monique Hunt

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, you’ll learn:

  • How your Ancestors’ Stories might be disrupting your happiness
  • How Ancestral Stories of Poverty, Shame, and Addiction are impacting your finances and abundance
  • How clearing Ancestral wounds can help you thrive during this pandemic.
  • How Ancestral StoryClearing can help you release old wounds that are blocking your success
  • Why you can’t seem to manifest career opportunities or clients for your business
  • How your Ancestors can support you with living your soul’s purpose

About Monique Hunt

Dr. MoNique is a spiritual teacher, ritualist, and mentor dedicated to helping healers bring their ancestral wisdom and skills to the present day. She is the founder of the Ancestress Legacy Warrior Practitioner Program and creator of Ancestress Story Healing, a unique system designed to help healers discover their unique Ancestress Medicine, release ancestral wounds, and fulfill their Soul’s purpose. With her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling and years of training with her Ancestors and spiritual teachers, Dr. MoNique is a leading authority in the field of Ancestor reverence. As a business intuitive, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to enrich their healing skills and leave a lasting legacy.

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