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Cultivating and Living Heart Consciousness: Animal Communication, Spiritual Empowerment, and Energy Healing with Nedda Wittels

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Are you living fully from the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness that exists within your very own Heart Center?

In this Quantum Conversation, Nedda Wittels, MS., MA., will share how to experience the joys of living from your Heart. She’ll reveal the connections between your heart and your psychic abilities, between your heart and your personal power, and between your heart and your ability to heal multidimensionally.

Heart Consciousness offers you an open hearted, higher vibrational, expanded perspective.

As you move into permanent Heart Centered Living, you’ll find you have:
• An open-hearted perspective and approach to each day’s challenges.
• A naturally ability to attract abundance in all areas of your life.
• A receptivity to let go of what holds you back and to embrace what will move you forward to full 5th Dimensional Living.
• A shift into greater psychic/intuitive awareness.
• A strong desire to break free of limitation and restore your personal power.

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Nedda Wittels

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, you will:

  • Prepare for more focused listening through a short exercise that opens your Heart Center
  • Hear how heart-2-heart telepathic communication with animals and other life forms facilitates the restoration of your psychic abilities
  • Explore the connection between your heart center and becoming fully re-empowered as the Divine Soul that you are
  • Learn a simple and effective strategy to dissolve fear
  • Discover how your body’s multidimensional healing abilities emerge naturally when you shift yourself vibrationally into higher dimensional frequencies
  • Experience a guided meditation called “I Am Perfectly Healthy.”
Nedda Wittels

About Nedda Wittels

As a small child, Nedda Wittels felt the emotions of animals empathically.  She often knew what the family pets were feeling and what they wanted. Her parents told her she was just pretending, so Nedda stopped telling others what she experienced . . . and kept on “pretending”!

This compartmentalization of being telepathic with animals on the one hand and living a “normal” life on the other, lasted until Nedda read Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith in the early 1990s.  The information presented therein created a total shift, bringing down the walls and opening Nedda to the full realization that all animals are sentient beings, intelligent and self-aware. with their own souls, unique perspectives, and life purposes.  This is the basis for all of Nedda’s professional work in Animal Communication today.

With a BA from Cornell University and 2 Masters degrees (one from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a second from New York University), Nedda rejected the position of Behavioral Psychologists who claim that animals are a collection of conditioned responses without emotions and feelings.  She could not deny my own inner truth.

Meanwhile, Nedda was opening up spiritually.  She learned Transcendental Meditation and hatha yoga in the 1970’s.  In the early 1980’s she also studied the Silva Method, which is a powerful system of self-empowerment.  Then in 1986, she received shaktipat initiation (kundalini awakening) from a Siddha Master.  In 1999, Nedda completed Certification as a Master of Multidimensional Healing.   In 2017, Nedda completed her Certification in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code™, a powerful system for clearing emotional blocks from the physical and other energy bodies.

Beginning in 1994, Nedda left the computer world where she was a Systems Analyst and Customer Support Representative to begin her Divine Service in telepathic Animal Communication, distance Energy Healing, and Spiritual Empowerment Ascension Coaching.

Since 1994, Nedda has given over 8,000 private consultations for thousands of animals and humans around the globe.  She has spoken and learned from a wide variety of species, such as horses, cats, dogs, lamas, alpacas, iguanas, cockatiels, parrots, gorillas, and a pet tarantula.

As a Lightworker, Starseed, and Spiritual Empowerment and Ascension Coach, Nedda facilitates healing for others who are ready to open their hearts, take back their personal power, and move forward into becoming an Awakened 5th Dimensional Human.