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New Earth Update with Lauren Galey & Friends

Gene Ang, Dawn Crystal, Judy Cali 

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With Gene Ang, Dawn Crystal, Judy Cali 

We are in a New Paradigm and this show gives us an Update on New Earth.

This NOW moment is what we have all been waiting for.  We are in a vibrational reality and moving in an ascension cycle. That means our vibration, our energy, our thoughts, our creations, our state of being, is here in this NOW moment creating our reality.

On a Cosmic Level we are being assisted with great planetary alignments, retrogrades and conjunctions that offer great opportunities for transformation, for doing things – all things – in a NEW way.  That way is LOVE. Heart-Based.  Heart Consciousness.  Living in the Heart.

The December Solstice occurred near zero degrees Aquarius and the Planet became fully anchored 100%  in Unity Consciousness.  As humans, we too, are awakening to our OneNess, and moving into the New Age, the New Earth, Higher Dimensions of LOVE Frequency, aka the 5th Dimension, we are releasing density, and can assist others to do so too.  It is Why We Came and we are Now in it!

We have the tools…..The Violet Flame, the Ho’oponopono (I love you, Thank you, Forgive me, I’m sorry)

We have been doing the work to raise our own vibrations, clearing out density.  And many Lightworkers chose incarnations with heavy loads of trauma and abuse to transmute and transcend….as we ALL take this Journey Back to LOVE.  This is our Return to Love.  We Heal Ourselves before we Can Help Others.

As we watch the events unfold in the collective, we indeed are hearing our elected leaders calling for Unity. Compassion. Respect. Consideration.

Staying Centered in the Heart is the Key.  And the Doorway begins with Meditation.

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In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore:

  • An in-depth discussion of how “the false matrix” was created via high level black magic which effected the whole planet, all of humanity and our entire existence and understanding of Reality – from the perspective of an Angelic Starseed.
  • How laying dormant in each human is an incredible potential for Creativity, the very key to the reality which had been hijacked.  This potential is mechanical and inherent in each human being, as we were always designed to become Divine Sovereign Creator Beings.
  • How the Mechanics of Creation operates within our Divine Human Vessel, and how the reclamation and embodiment of this ancient knowledge will “save the world”.

About Xi EarthStar

EarthStar Healer is an Angelic Starseed, Oracular singer ~ multi-dimensional healer, activator & wayshower living the Prophecy of a New Earth. She assists lightworkers and starseeds in connecting to their multi-dimensional selves, expanding their higher sense capabilities and aligning deeper into our Soul’s Purpose.  Bringing in the Age of Miracles, assisting Humanity reclaim our Infinite Creativity through the Healing of Sexuality and for both Men and Women.  EarthStar utilizes advanced Organic Source Intelligent light & sound technologies to efficiently restore healing and Divine Perfection to distorted DNA and imprints in the Multi-Dimensional self.  We dive effortlessly to the darkest aspects of the Spectrum, while staying allied with Source and higher intelligent helpers, to completely heal our distortions while Activating & Integrating our Highest Aspects of Self.  EarthStar is a Source-Created Solution to healing this Great Sickness.  To tear apart and dissolve all Illusions programmed by the False Matrix in all its varied gradients, and give Birth to a New Reality connected to the True Reality of Earth and The Universe.  As within so without, each’s own healing and liberation Births into the World, creating a New Earth based on Nature, Creativity, Love and Magic.

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