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Goddess Goodies with Niki’s Gem Creations with Niki Greenfield

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Enjoy this shopping extravaganza of unique, one-of-a-kind Crystal Regalia! Made for our New Earth group, we invite you to check out the beautiful, timeless, powerful, delicate, elegant, and divine pieces of Crystal Gemstone Necklaces made by Niki Greenfield, of Niki’s Gems.  These are high vibrational designs…check out this video episode and see the beauty!

Niki has been collecting gems stones, crystals, rocks, shells, glass and metal for decades. After her JOB came to an end, she was able to dedicate her time and energy to creativity entirely and is freely expressing her passion for New Earth! This means that the gems and stones could be now be shared and turned into wearable art. This wearable art serves several purposes in ceremony, personal beauty and ritual.  In this special shopping episode of QCTV,  you are offered the beauty of Niki’s Gem Creations at very affordable prices!.

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Experience the Goddess and Divine Feminine Expression in Gemstone Necklaces:

* the stones provide many healing properties and special qualities that one can feel and utilize
* the pieces are worn around the neck and are particularly potent in opening the throat chakra
* the combination of natural occurring or hand made materials are magical
* each piece is one of a kind, so they are “looking for the right person” to wear and take them home
* they are beautiful and a pleasure to wear just to compliment you beautiful body on any occasion

Creating the pieces has been a true life changing experience for Niki. As she is surrounded by the stones and the raw materials, she feels so grateful for their energy and beauty. Very much inspired by nature, most pieces are full of color and magic. And with no two alike, it has been such a delight to be as creative and crazy as possible. From the very dainty and subdued to the really outrageous, the is no limit to what can be created when there is freedom of expression.

As a pure expression of the divine feminine, most pieces are designed for and infused with divine feminine energy. I want women to be able to stand in their power, not be too shy to adorn themselves when they choose to do so and be able to enjoy the fun and frivolous aspect of the pieces. I need to note also that i present all pieces as unisex and believe that they can be worn by anyone who loves them. Case in point: I made a custom piece for a 6′ 4″ pottery artist who has many tattoos and rides a Harley. So, there are no judgements here. If you love the piece, please feel free to wear it in joy.

See images of Niki’s Designs and follow along by viewing her Special Offer

Offer 1 Includes your choice for $211:

Offer 2 Includes one of the following: $157

Offer 3 Includes one of the following: $88