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The Summer of Change: A Pleiadian Perspective with Nora Herold

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2018/09/13 16:00:00

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In these times of accelerated change, integration, re-ascension, and becoming your multidimensional self it is essential that you find within the vibratory rate of joy and use that as the foundation for your creations while at the same time allowing the process of transmutation of trauma to continue. Nora Herold and The Pleiadian Collective will assist you with this along with sharing up to the moment information on the status of the shift and how to best operate during this time. Let the unconditional love of the Pleiadians along with your guides and helpers facilitate your journey in becoming sovereign.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Nora Herold, we will learn:

  • Activate and amplify the vibratory rate of joy in your body
  • The current acceleration of the shift
  • Operating from the mulit-dimensional perspective