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SPRING EQUINOX is SPIRALING you into a New Human Form with Nora Walksinspirit

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2019/03/20 16:00:00

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Join us for this Equinox Celebration with Nora WalksInSpirit who offers advice on how to feel the crystalline energy within you and around you.  Learn how to use the energy streaming from your hands to activate your pineal gland and heart chakra.  Nora leads us on an exercise to sit in the Stillness and then Ask for the Word.

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Enjoy Today’s CELEBRATION OF EQUINOX March 21st, 2019


We are now entering into a new Grid System of CRYSTAL LIGHT ESSENCES that is adorning our Ethereal Bodies more and more since the 11-11-11- and 3-3-3 Divine Integration of Light Beings.


Since the empowering 3-3-3 Gateway there is a surplus of Light Essences now growing on the Planet and into our Ethereal Bodies.

Any many of us are opening up to new Knowledge and Wisdom Keeper Frequencies from our own Ancient Timelines.

Our Hidden Soul Seeds have begun to Crystallize and thus transmitting a new Divine Light Frequency onto one another with Harmony and Love.


This Spring Equinox also opens a new growth spurt of energies within all hearts and minds of these Soul Seeds Frequencies tapping into our everyday shifts of Consciousness and Awareness.


You are moving into a new state of LISTENING from within, rather than receiving messages from one another’s consciousness which aligns you into these new Crystalline Light Essences.


These new Energies will be soaring within you of the New Intelligences of Information that will assist many of you on the Planet of discovering your True Mapping into your own Hidden Abilities, including Manifesting in Word, Thought or Deed of all that you require!


These embodying energies of LIGHT will soar up until and into Spring Equinox when the “Cracking Open” of a new Soul Self and much of its time lines will clear away the dense energies of the Ego/Mind.  This Cracking Open of the Hidden Seedlings within your Soul Self will simply flow within your human states as your Inner Child blends and harmonizes into a ONENESS Consciousness of LOVE LIGHT FREEDOM.


This Spring Equinox is our own God Source fueling us more with a LOVE LIGHT Vibration into our Inner Soul Child who is blossoming into a Beautiful “Child of Light” in LOVE. J


The Children of LIGHT will align to the Sun’s Rays of Golden Light waves and Golden Dust Particles which they cannot see, but will be infused by their own Master Soul, as their Inner Soul Child grows into ONENESS of communicating Telepathically to a new Crystalline Grid System of ONENESS Consciousness. J


We bring all into Alignment and Connections through STILLNESS…..let us now relax our bodies, bring clarity and Stillness to the Mind, as we begin our Inner Soul Child Awakening to a blossoming Crystal Light Soul of Mastery.


This Transforming Activation will begin your Soul to Higher Soul and Master Soul Connection. You may wish to listen to integrate this amazing Master Message and Alignment several times.