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“KEY CODE” to your Soul Consciousness is the DOORWAY to MASTERY with Nora Walksinspirit

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The Times of Abundance of Growth and Change and Courageous Outcomes to flow through all is about to unfold on this Planet.
They have said that this is a year 2019 a Year of Mastery is also a year of Light Strand Alignments to assist in Activating a Balance of Harmonic Vibrations within the true Soul!

So, IF we are to Transfigure and move into the 5th Dimensional Consciousness throughout the balance of 2019, we will all have to move into a Conscious state of Alignment and Balance of our existing thought forms and unstable energies will transition and begin to Transmit these Higher Harmonic Vibrations of LIGHT upon all.

During this Gathering of Light Souls with Nora, she will empower your ESSENCE of LIGHT to flow through you and take you on a journey to feel the Soul within you.

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Nora WalksInSpirit

Enjoy this episode of Quantum Conversations:

When you stand in your Power and hold onto your Spiritual Soul and its Essence of Light; then you will follow the Master’s Lead which will take you to all Passageways and Doorways that will be open for you to step into. The KEYS to your Codes of Consciousness will be enveloped and embraced by the Masters who will Activate you

The Master Beings of Infinite Intelligences will bring forth these Vibrations of Mastery to Enlighten, to Empower, and to Embrace all Hearts and Minds… to take hold of your own LIGHT Strand that will Activate you into Reality Consciousness that will infuse your Body, Mind and Soul into a KEY Code of your own Soul Consciousness 

An Activation that will Align, Balance, Harmonize and Magnetize Who you are as a Crystal Light Soul and Master of ALL that you are will be introduced with the Divine Love Light and Harmony of All that JUST IS!

A Transformational ACTIVATION will be delivered.