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Preparing for Solstice  & Integrating the 12-12-12 Gateways into 2020 with Nora Walksinspirit

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As a Diamond Light Code Transmitter and Universal Shaman to the Crystalline Grid Systems, Nora share her experience and describe the Energies of the 12-12-12 Gateway Codes of Light that poured upon her in on Table Mountain. She will share what these heightened 12 Tribes, 12 Nations of 12 Dimensions expressed in Messages and Transformations for all to integrate deeper within their Soul Body.

Solstice Energies arriving on the 21st of December will be a pivotal point of sowing in these past few months of 5D Light Fields.  Nora will deliver a Master Message and Activation for all to prepare for the heightened Consciousness wave forms that will embrace us to end this Mastery Year of ’12’

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Nora WalksInSpirit

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  1. Alignment into Higher STILLNESS Quotients of Connecting will be explained and demonstrated from the Master Consciousness revealed and received from the 12-12-12 Portal openings on the Planet. 7 mins.
  2. An Activation for your own Clearing and Connection into your own Crystal Coded Systems of LIGHT 10mins.
  3. Calling in the Masters of LIGHT from the Universal Realms of Crystalline Grid Systems to reveal a Message for all as Solstice is Balancing everyone for a Transforming 2020 Year to come