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HSP Entrepreneur: How Your Sensitivity Helps the World with Octavia Brooks

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As Highly Sensitive People, we have special gifts and talents to offer the world and most typical jobs aren’t a great fit for our nervous systems.  We decide to become self-employed and share our wisdom and insight to help others on our own terms.  When we get into business however, it can feel overwhelming to balance personal and business needs to create well-rounded success. In this show, hear how you can use comforting guided visualizations, not only for inner calm and peace, but to strengthen your business skills.  These spiritual tools and energy practices are essential for your well-being, and to your success in bringing your gifts to the world.

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Octavia Brooks

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Are you highly sensitive? What special gifts can HSPs offer the world?
  2. How do our talents as sensitives help us as business owners?
  3. Cutting through the overwhelm: Personal vs Business needs
  4. Spiritual tools and energy balancing are a saving grace
  5. Lessons from a businesswoman – the hats you must wear all the way to success
  6. Guided visualization for centering and inner peace called Eye of the Storm