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Cellular Regenesis with the Crystal-lines with Paige Hall

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The 2020 timeline is a Quantum Consciousness Game Changer, calling upon us to expand our Crystalline New  Human form, as the Collective is faced with epochal choice points.  Join us in a conversation about how the Quartz and Crystal realms are among us, and also within us, for our Cellular Regenesis and Integrating the New Light in physical form on our planet.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Paige discovered in 2011, and has also documented, that Crystals communicate and grow for us to cocreate with them for grid working, elixirs and healing therapies. There are living Beings called the Crystal-lines who wish to deliver messages that assist with the Becoming Crystalline process.
  2. We each carry a personal crystalline frequency.  This triad is encoded within our DNA and has been with us since We agreed to come into human form.  By remembering our frequency, and reawakening our template, we vibrate with the highest potentials for living and co-creating on a New Earth from our Divine Blueprint.
  3. There are crystalline tools to transform the physical vessel which is expanding even more as we enter into the epochal 2020’s. Paige shares with us what her guides have shown her for our Cellular Regenesis: Feeding the LightBody ©.