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2020 Body, Mind, Soul Reset! with Jonathan Glass

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Its time for a reset…a quantum shift… in body, mind and soul! We all need it! For our selves, for our loved ones, for our lives and for the planet! With clarity and inspired wisdom, Jonathan Glass presents an elevated vision of real health along with foundational principles for an inspired life for your 2020 reset…for your health, the rest of your life… and one that nourishes your entire being!

Making a positive impact on our environment and all of its inhabitants
Whole Being Cleansing has been practiced on this planet for many thousands of years. Time and time again, it’s been confirmed that how we eat and live directly impacts the environment and our health in body, mind, and soul.

When we clear physical and mental/emotional blocks and toxins within the context of cultivating an awareness of broader truths and goals in our life, authentic healing on every level takes place. Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine from India, incorporates these principles of health and cleansing. Jonathan will share this practical, timeless and powerful wisdom in such a way you will be destined to have an awesome 2020 Body, Mind, Soul Reset!

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Jonathan Glass

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, you will learn:

That when we eat well, live well and align we experience:
-better relationships
-improved mental clarity,
-less pain
-deeper connection to ourselves
-more joy
-better energy in body and mind
-improved health
-everyone in our circle benefits.

Appreciating the deeper purpose of life profoundly amplifies the cleansing experience. Cleansing is not simply about purifying an organ, improving elimination, or even curing ourselves of serious disease.

Ultimately, cleansing is about about:
-knowing ourselves
-fulfilling our life purpose
-reawakening the magic and divinity of life.