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Sanctuary Pyramid of The Queens with Judy Cali

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Psychic Channel Judy Cali brings forth messages of the Ascended Masters & Angels and in today’s Quantum Conversation, she is sharing how Lady Lepidolite appeared to her a few days ago, with a message and gifts of wisdom.  In this show, Judy will Download, Activate & Initiate the Lavender Lepidolite Pyramid’s Gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & Awareness plus more, so we can take our Next Step Living in Divine Grace & Peace with a Joyfilled Heart, Body, Mind & Soul of Golden Oneness.  Hear a Channeled message from Lady Lepidolite & any other Surprise Beings who Show Up to share their Wisdom by assisting us to Remember our Ancient Truths.

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Lady Lepidolite showed up, in my Bedroom a few days ago, Smiling at me. In her Smile, I felt such a deep Warmth & Comfort similar to the feeling when someone Lovingly says,”Everything’s Going To Be Alright”, I just sighed so deeply as I, Let Go ALL the Old Energy I was holding onto & felt like I was inside her Sacred Heart being Cherished.

She had Sparkling Blonde White Hair, Light Violet Eyes & was in a Gold & Rose Brocade Dress with a Luminous White Scarf surrounded by Cherubs

floating in a Lavender Light.She showed me Sitting, on a Golden Lotus, inside my Lavender Lepidolite Pyramid with the Walls & Floor as Alive & Breathing as I am, in Deep Oneness & Peace.
I see myself as a Queen, Rejuvenating & Regenerating within the Silence of Myself.
I felt Lady Lepidolite’s Smiling Love all around me as a huge Heart Hug as I am aware I am Integrating All the Ancient Truths I am ready for & to Remember ALL that would Honor me NOW.

Lady Lepidolite is assisting me also to Remember that this is a Sacred Hidden Place, The Females of Power went to, including YOU, in order to Feel your Own Completeness within Solitude, Prayers, Healings & Visions. It is a Place of Wonder that Fills ALL your Spiritual needs Completing a 28 Day Moon Cycle Healing Covenant.

Lepidolite is a High Lithium-Mica Lavender Stone that assists you to gently experience Transition, Rebirth & Coping with Change along with Inducing the Release of your Old Patterns, Addictions & Complaints of all kinds. It is further assisting you by Stabilizing your Mood Swings & is Excellent for your Menopause if needed.

Lepidolite aids in Relieving your Exhaustion, Stress & Tension Disorders including Illnesses Caused by Computer Stress. It also Clears any Electromagnetic Pollution you may be experiencing as this Beautiful Stone is Strengthening your Immune System & Soothing your Nervous System along with Restructuring your DNA.

Lepidolite also encourages your Self-Love & Trust, in the Integrity of your own Soul, along with Promoting your Openness & Honesty & is especially Good for Birth & Rebirth.
It Benefits any Depression you may be experiencing & is assisting you to Calm your Mind in Peace & for you to Rest & Sleep.

We are coming together as an Ascended Golden Master Family to assist us each to step more fully into our Golden Queen Master Self of our Soul.
(For Men & Women)