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QCTV: Sacred Feminine Geometry Light Flow and Boosting Your Immunity with Christel Hughes

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Our relationship with our reality from the 3D subconscious perspective is one of confusion, because deep within we know that we are not just our body, but we Truly are Pure Consciousness — we know this in our heart, but our mind says otherwise.

This 3D subconscious disconnect creates many issues on multiple levels in our attempt to progress spiritually. We become a victim to our own mind and this confusion creates division between us and the Divine Mind.

It’s fascinating to know that we have, literally within our bodies, a structure that carries consciousness. But if this structure isn’t functioning properly and in alignment, then we are in the ‘Disconnection mode’ of being, thinking and acting.

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Christel Hughes, Multi-Dimensional Intuitive sharing more about this and all about this ’map of consciousness’ living within your body/mind on this upcoming call happening TODAY.

Christel will share how she got these downloads for how one can engage with Universal Sacred Feminine geometry in a new and different way. With this new way of engagement you Heal the body and launch into your next evolutionary state of Being to increase the Flow of Light, Wisdom and Grace.


  1. Discover your map of consciousness and what it takes to finally heal – this will dictate the power you have to unlock trapped energy
  2. Get out of ‘Disconnection mode’ so you can Re-engage your Sovereign being nature
  3. Learn the power of Uniting your subconscious and superconscious mind for up-leveling your spiritual progression and evolution
  4. What it means to ‘overload’ your circuits which delay your healing of your body and prevent you from bringing more light into your aura
  5. How to enter the Dimensional Domain of Unconditional Love
Christel Hughes

About Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes is a Multi-dimensional Visionary, Medium and Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in energetic healing and rapid transformation for Celebrities and individuals throughout the World. We are always in Awe because of Christel’s lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings that go directly to the core of the issue – she pinpoints it immediately.

Christel’s work has broadened to include connecting with Archangel Metatron and mediating for Metatron’s cube to instantly shift a person’s consciousness… undoing mental, emotional and physical limitations…as well as opening up their Higher channels of communication.

The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to channel and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

As an International leader in her field, she frequently speaks on various topics such as energy medicine, the power of the mind to manifest, human consciousness, health & healing, spirituality and relationship strategies.

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