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The Seraphim Order with Riana Arendse

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Heal your Emotional Pain Body and move from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE – with Seraphim Angel Riana Arendse (Erakiel) and the Highest Order of Angels, The Holy Order of Seraphim. The Seraphim appear in this cosmology as the highest ascended teachers available for mentoring us in how to actually embody our sovereign divine nature within human form.

The SERAPHIM SYSTEM which Riana brings forth at this time includes 6 SOURCE CODES of initiation to embodying your Mastery as Creator. And this blueprint requires that enough space is created within you, through the release of the Pain Body, so that you no longer are triggered by and react to the world around you. Moving from Victimhood to Absolute Knowing and Power. And are then able to fully embody the Multidimensional holy spirit of your own soul pouring through you and expressing from that point of truth – embodying yourself as Creator. Shifting from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE. This Program serves as the Ascension Blueprint for those on the Awakening Path – known as The Seraphim Order. A timecode release of Sacred Secrets, DNA Upgrades, and Embodiment Energies are now Available for You.

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Riana Arendse

You are Invited to Take the best big step Forward with the help of the Seraphim Angels and become and embodiment of the Truth of who you are. The Highest Order of angels the SERAPHIM, lovingly reveals a series of Six exquisite Source codes, especially gifted by the Holy Seraphim of Source and are magically designed to rapidly shift you into embodying your natural pristine blueprint and download immunity (physical, emotional and spiritual) from the software of the Source, the unified field of light. These upgrade codes download into the hardware of our cells, into the spiraling of our DNA, and thus we are changed forever at a cellular level. Within this field of Source Consciousness we will be guided through 6 Divine Initiations of Light, taking us ever deeper into Self-Mastery and Healing; into the sustaining Embodiment of our Divine Source, with the knowing of ourselves as the Creator and Divine Kings and Queens with the Highest Order of Angels, The Mighty Seraphim.

These new sacred codes help tune us to the wisdom of the cosmos and the vast possibilities of the library of the Akashic records and enable us to embody our sacred selves and manifest limitless possibilities.

In Today’s Episode, We Will Explore:

  • Why it is important to commit oneself to healing the inner instead of leaving it all up to the universe
  • How Does the Pain Body show up in our daily lives…whether it is your first exploration of spirituality or whether you’ve been on the path as a spiritual teacher or healer for a long time
  • Why one needs to heal the emotional Pain Body Multidimensionally
  • Why raising your vibration might not be enough to sustain the embodiment with your higher self with Source
  • What does it mean to CLAIM the highest truth of who you truly are and how this can shift everything for you
  • Who the Seraphim Angels are and what is The Seraphim Order being brought forward now
  • How to go beyond clearing, processing and healing to a life that is created from your soul’s abundance, consciously designed by YOU
  • Why Claiming yourself as the CREATOR is an important step on your journey and how this frees you from the shackles of VICTIMHOOD that keeps you in the matrix

“There’s no greater bliss than to know who you truly are….And then Embodying that truth.” Riana – The Seraphim

About Riana Arendse

Riana Arendse (Seraph Erakiel) is Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher in the fields of Conscious Transformation and Sovereign Embodiment. An International Best Selling Author of the book “YOU ARE THE CREATOR”, Multidimensional Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Renowned Sage for the Highest Order of Angels – The Seraphim, Master Creator Teacher of The Seraphim Order and founder of the School of Mastery and Healing. Riana has been called a teacher of teachers for the next generation of Sovereign Embodiment and Awakening and conducts teachings, transformational talks, workshops, sacred retreats worldwide, all focused in the fields of Spiritual Development, Self-Mastery, Healing, the Direct Path method of Self Enquiry and Awareness, Spiritual Growth and The Seraphim Wisdom, System and Initiations.

Riana is an incarnated Seraphim Angel of the Highest Order of Source, and one of the original birthers/creators of this majestic planet called earth, bringing the knowledge and wisdom of human patterns of existence, creation, and her extensive knowledge of work with Shadow aspects and Sacred Geometry. Drawing always from her direct experience, in this life and multidimensional lives as a Mighty Seraphim Angel, Arcturian Council member and Teacher from the star systems, Riana illuminates the undivided nature of Life or Consciousness with great clarity and compassion. A Contemporary Though Leader, Riana’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find Inner Peace and Greater Fulfilment in their lives. Riana is recognized as a globally celebrated Teacher and Healer in the field of Transformation of Consciousness, Energy Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Sovereign Embodiment that she sees as the next step in Human Evolution.

As shared in the first chapter of “You Are The Creator”, her compelling story, told with raw intensity how Riana barely survived years of immense sexual abuse and rapes, and through her divine inner knowing that her path would eventually be revealed, Riana survived these experiences. During her 3 years of isolation and intensive self-healing Riana accessed higher states of consciousness and unbeknownst to her, would return back into her body with Source blueprints from the highest realms of creation that would one day serve as the Ascension Blueprint for those on the Awakening Path – known as The Seraphim Order. After a series of supernatural and synchronistic events, Riana was shown where her soul originates from and that she is an incarnated Seraphim Angel of the Highest Order, incarnated here to assist humanity during this time of great awakening and embodiment. Shortly after this during a meditation, Riana was approached and commissioned by the Mighty Order of the Seraphim – The Seraphial, and asked her to begin merging her consciousness with her consciousness as a Seraphim Angel and further mentor with them to bring The Seraphim Wisdom, Order and Initiations to the world as a Master Creator Teacher and Sage. And this was when the entirety of The Seraphim Order was birthed – which consists of 6 Source Codes of initiation in embodying your true divine self as Creator.

With a background in Psychology, she has also studied many healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, and NLP along with embodying ancient healing methodologies brought from parallel lives – Angelic, Interplanetary as well as Galactic. Her events provide a direct and open-hearted invitation into the truth of who we are. It is one’s suffering and one’s darkest moments according to Riana that becomes the greatest catalyst for authentic, awakening, enlightenment and healing. Shifting from Pain to Perspective. Often referred to as a transmission of Power, Riana has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of her voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Riana’s words convey.

As a powerful Alchemist and Seraph, trained in the Ancient ways of Healing and Wisdom, she knows how to teach and guide you into releasing the blocks that weighs you down, so you finally embody the unlimited potential within. Riana encourages us to strip away everything we know about ourselves, our lives, and Unbecome; in order to fully be aligned with the TRUTH of who we are – Riana’s Teachings remind us that We Are Source experiencing itself through energy and form, only to realize itself once again as Source.

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