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Divine Order and Genetic Liberation with Sananda & Shekinah Kryst

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2019/03/19 16:00:00

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The Kingdom/Queendom of heaven is within you, as the Human body is the measurement of the universe and is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm itself. Every galaxy, solar system and astrologic constellation is a geometry and frequency animating your human hologram (body).
The internal path of Ascension is the spontaneous alchemy of Liberation. This golden pathway of complete spiritual sovereignty is humanities birthright and privilege.
Liberation is the renunciation of the personal illusionary self (ego) and returning to the infinite supreme Self within. This can only transpire through the relinquishment of any attachments and desires that bound and limit the supreme self from becoming fully illuminated within. Once fully embodied and illuminated the true Self begins the journey of genetic immortality.

-Innerstanding 2019 the year of Divine order
– Importance of upgrading your higher self
– Why aligning with the cosmic calendar is a powerful tool of ascension.

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