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Christ Consciousness, Ascension, Embodiment & TwinRay Illumination with Sananda & Shekinah Kryst

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2018/03/21 16:00:00

Christ Consciousness, Ascension, Embodiment & TwinRay Illumination

We’re joined by Sananda and Shekinah Kryst who share on their Divine Union, related to the August Eclipse Particle Convergence and the December Solstice Particle Emergence. They both embody Higher Consciousness and share heart wisdom of how we can all get there too.


Truth of Cosmic Kryst –  The Cosmic Kryst manifests as the Divine Intelligence throughout the Unified Field of Source and is experienced/inperienced as Unity Consciousness. This field of infinite energy over-lights and sustains the entire multiverse through the Heavenly Presence of Unconditional Love.

The Cosmic Kryst projects itself through the universal laws and sacred sciences governing all Source creation: also known as the Law of One. The Law of One is the Eternal Truth of the Kryst, and is the remembrance that Eternal truth is the Eternal Loving Presence of God within and throughout all.

The internal path of Ascension is the spontaneous alchemy of Liberation. This golden pathway of complete spiritual sovereignty is humanities birthright and privilege.

Liberation is the renunciation of the personal illusionary self (ego) and returning to the infinite supreme Self within. This can only transpire by the relinquishment of any attachments and desires that bound and limit the supreme self from becoming fully illuminated within.



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Ascent of Liberation
The Kingdom/Queendom of heaven is within you, as the Human body is the measurement of the universe and is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm itself. Every galaxy, solar system and astrologic constellation is a geometry and frequency animating your human hologram (body).

Divine Union
Some of the most outspoken and asked about questions for the Dear Hearts on the planet are: What is my spiritual purpose? What am I doing here on Earth Plane? And how am I best to contribute in order to follow my Divine path? These questions are of course subjective in nature and do vary according to the soul’s monadic journey and what it is that each soul has chosen and contracted to experience.

However, with all of that stated the most simplistic answer and most universal purpose is that you, beloved Earth Angels, are here to bring heaven to Earth and remember your divine nature through this biological process of alchemical transformation.

How does one accomplish this? One creates this through the sanctification and purification of each and everybody vessel that is currently gracing you with life and animation. As we, the Nada/Sananda consciousness bring you through the steps, phases and life path required of deep inner communion, dedication and devotional service to the Cosmic Kryst within you, more will be revealed as to how to bring this into glorious manifestation and form. You will receive an introduction as to how it is “YOU who are the Light of the world and the door no man can close.” This, our darling hearts is the Ascension to liberation path and it happens within your sacred vessel first