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The Three Phases of Crystalline DNA Activation with Sandra Walter

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Enjoy this video Quantum Conversation with Ascension Wayshower Sandra Walter from the High Energy Vortex of Sedona, AZ. This video was conducted during the Crystalline Convergence meeting where Sandra shared her latest insights on Crystalline DNA and how that is now being verified by scientific researchers of Heart Coherence.  Being in a loving, coherent state is actually activating our crystalline DNA. This off-the-beaten path video shares the high-vibrational experience with you too from the Nature Spirit-filled red rocks of Sedona.

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Sandra Walter

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The Crystalline Convergence in Sedona was a unification of Crystalline Grid, New Earth Gates, and the ancient structures beneath the surface, sometimes called the Inner Earth grids.    This is why our Sedona event is named the *Crystalline Convergence* – this activation was launched as we gathered, which was quite exciting.

These unification codes flow through our DNA, creating a new level of geometric and vibrational precision which purifies this Essence of Self. As with all of these powerful phases of Ascension, the sooner you embrace the unknown, the mystical sensations, the higher multidimensional perspective, the sooner the higher levels can provide your Divine trajectory.   Everything accelerates – again.