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2018/07/25 16:00:00

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As you may know, the new Golden Age upon earth is here. What is very exciting is that we are part of the process of co-creating it!  It is not being anchored for us, but we are participants in the process. We are giving energetic input and offering our deepest heartfelt desires of how we wish to live together on our beloved earth. This does not come from our ego, but from our ever increasing heart energy, our growing splendorous light and our empowered sense of wisdom, harmony, beauty and wonder.

We will work on a deep energetic level, bypassing the thinking mind and use beautiful, sacred sounds and channeled messages to further awaken our most profound knowing. In this way, we will anchor the golden energy that we hold within us into the earth and into collective humanity.

As we receive energetic encodements from the Lemuria Priestess Circle of 13, we will awaken energies within our cells to help us remember our experience of living in harmony, beauty and peace upon our planet, just as we did in the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

Can’t you just feel the joy and exhilaration of this!  Feel your purpose in anchoring this golden age on earth now! You are invited to answer the call from within and from without! I so hope you will join us!

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In this Show, We Will Learn

  • Participate in ceremony anchoring aspects of the new golden age
  • Grow in your spiritual confidence
  • Activate cosmic aspects of yourself that you did not know about
  • Accept and empower your co-creative abilities
  • Feel liberated, inspired, uplifted into your true Self

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