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Clear Trauma from the Fall of Lemuria with Sanra

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2018/05/07 16:00:00

Clear Trauma from the Fall of Lemuria

Experience the Lemurian Priestesses and High Vibrational chanting of SanRa who brings forth the Voice of Lemuria that will shift your Energy into Love.

A Note From SanRa:

So many of my clients have expressed a feeling that not only were they present in Lemuria, but that they were present during the “Fall” of Lemuria. I, and the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 are offering this session to help clear that trauma and trauma in general.

As we clear that trauma from our individual selves and collectively, our Lemurian wisdom can re-emerge to help each one of us and our planet. Let us again lead lives of joy, happiness, beauty, harmony and fulfillment.

We will work on a deep energetic level, bypassing the thinking mind and use beautiful, sacred sounds and channeled messages to clear trauma and further awaken our most profound knowing and inspire us to remember a long lost reality within.

As we use sacred sounds and energetic encodements from Lemuria, you will awaken and release energies from your cells to help you remember your experience of living in harmony, beauty and peace upon our planet, just as we did in the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

Through channeled energy and information, you will begin to remember the Light Being that you are and your purpose on Earth at this time. I so hope you will join us!

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In this Show, We Will Learn

  • Clear fear and trauma from cells from the fall of Lemuria
  • Clear untrue beliefs about your role in the fall of Lemuria
  • Clear feelings of responsibility for others during the fall of Lemuria
  • Feel liberated, inspired, uplifted into your true Self