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Healing the Great Separation Sickness – How to Return to Trust and use Pain as a Pathway to Healing with Sarah Jane Farrel

About this Episode

What if you could tune in and allow yourself to fully feel and trust in the messages that you are receiving?

Are you ready to trust that you are enough for you, your body, your relationships with others and your animals?

What if you understood that you have the ability to heal yourself, and others?
Would your life change?

If you are wondering how you will ever trust yourself again after loss, grief, healing crisis or betrayal then join us on this Quantum Conversation and experience profound way to Feel Peace and Become the Eye of the Storm.

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Sarah Jane Farrel

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Sarah Jane Farrel

  • What animals can teach us about living in attunement to our natural rhythms<br/>
  • How to trust our bodies and listen to them<br/>
  • How to use fear as fuel to move us forward<br/>
  • How to live beyond the lies of self limitation and old stories<br/>
  • The core principles of the trust process that will support you in living a fulfilled, healthy, abundant life