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Twinflames and Soul Connections ~ Understanding and Navigating Higher Vibrational Relationships with Shelley Young

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As the world continues to shift and evolve, so will our relationships, and more twin flame / soul connections will be drawn together. These relationships are activating, intense, uncomfortable, beautiful, moving, confusing, amazing, indescribable, and profoundly connected.

Up until now, the number of these relationships that have moved into full union have been few and far between, but I believe we are now in a space where not only will more people be meeting these deep connections, they will be able to shift out of the old 3D models into pioneering new and sustainable higher vibrational relationships

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. How the evolution of our theology leads to the evolution of relationships
  2. What happens to activate the meeting of twinflames and why I think it will be happening more and more
  3. Why these relationships are important and if full union is necessary to be of service
  4. What one piece of knowledge will make the whole process easier to understand and navigate