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Raising Your Frequency with Shirley Rose

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Right now the most powerful thing you can do is to consciously raise your frequency to the highest level your body can absorb safely, easily and effortlessly. We will be raising your frequencies during this program.

Your life will raise up to match this new frequency and give you experiences that resonate with these new levels. You will become a magnet and attract only that which resonates with these higher frequencies.

We will anchor deeper into the 5th Dimension where you will become aware of how quickly things are manifesting now. We are now in the 5th Dimension and our focus is changing from the physical to the higher realms. We will be discussing what our focus is shifting from and what we are moving into.

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Shirley Rose

Your subconscious mind believes everything you tell it. Your subconscious mind mirrors back to you all that it believes in your outer world. This is an amazing tools you can use to create your ideal life.

Together we will do a meditation that will program your subconscious within the frequencies it needs for:

  • Perfect Health
  • Your Ideal Weight
  • Uplifting Relationships
  • Divine Work
  • A Vision for the New Earth
  • And More . . .

Old traumas held in your body may be holding you back from moving forward in your life. We will discuss INTEGRATION a method you can use to learn your lessons in the moment they are happening so that the body does not store these experiences.

Aging is now shifting and I will be sharing how we are living longer and staying younger looking than ever before. Our bodies were designed regenerate. We are shifting back into our original design.

Your body, mind and soul will be rejuvenated and uplifted throughout the program.

Join me for an amazing journey from the old paradigm into the amazing future we are creating together.

About Shirley Rose

Shirley Rose studied Genetics in her undergraduate work in college. On November 20, 2000, she received the Degree of Doctor of Metaphysics, Ms. D., from the Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. in Colorado.

Shirley bridges Science and Spirit, to show how they are both saying the same thing using different language. Science is beginning to prove many Metaphysical concepts.

From early childhood, Shirley had vivid dreams that took her to many different levels of Consciousness. In 1984, she experienced an opening of energy, that shot through her body, giving her a direct connection to the higher realms. She became Clairaudient.

This connection created a clear pathway to her inner guidance, that led her to travel to many sacred sites around the planet. During these travels, she sent energy into the Earth and received energy back from the Earth.
Shirley spent twelve years lecturing and teaching workshops. She also hosted a radio show where she interviewed some of the most well-respected people in the metaphysics world.

Today Shirley is writing books and creating programs, that Integrate our multidimensional selves into full awareness. Taking responsibility for our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions empowers the many levels of Consciousness, and strengthens us all.

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