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QCTV: Reclaim The Lost Multidimensional Treasures of Your Lineage with Sophie Bidard

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Join this Quantum Conversation with Trailblazer & Master Light Weaver Sophie Bidard ~ The keys will be revealed to reclaiming the lost multidimensional treasures of your lineage, which are your birthright!

+ Sophie will be doing Live Intuitive Readings: “Where are the Karmic Entanglements of Suppression attached in my Aura?” and offering Power Claiming Keys, linguistic keys specially crafted with your Higher Self, to claim your power in regards to those insights from your intuitive reading.

A multidimensional life experience… Such a fascinating perspective, which truly is the next level for all of Humanity! In our attempts to embrace it for ourselves, we imagine brilliant, exhilarating adventures; we expect empowerment into unprecedented levels of service… And yet, more often than not do we find ourselves sliding down into loss of self-esteem, into self blame and belittlement, into frustration, anxiety, hopelessness, even deep despair… How come what we know is true and possible for us turns out to seem so unattainable? And how do we get out of this trap? How do we bring our life’s work to the level it is meant to be?

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  1. What multidimensionality means from a pragmatic, easy-to-grasp perspective that can be embraced and worked, or even played with!
  2. How the lost treasures of wisdom, knowledge and mastery from your lineage can be recovered… What if they never were lost?
  3. Why a solid foundation of Faith is essential and how to establish it ~ The 3 fundamental pillars of Faith.
  4. What your ancestral lineages are calling for and calling forth ~ What is your inheritance and how to reclaim it?
  5. How the suppression of your rightful inheritance, your multidimensional gifts and abilities, can now be eluded.
Sophie Bidard

About Sophie Bidard

Sophie is a Master Light Weaver, flowing the purest crystalline light from the Great Central Sun for revelation, liberation, and True Self embodiment. A Trailblazer, she opens the path into unchartered territories of consciousness, weaving in light for higher awareness and evolution. Sophie is a Master at upgrading one’s multidimensional perception, by clearing the karmic entanglements and resulting stress web.

Her passion for finding and expressing the Divine within combines with her commitment to breakthroughs, radical transformation and wisdom recollection. On deep exploratory adventures into the personal and collective shadow, she unweaves patterns and whole paradigms of illusion, distortion, obstruction, restriction, disbalance… bridging into new paradigms at high vibrational levels.

She guides you in the reclaiming of your masterful nature, with lightness and flow, turning burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ gathering pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing the Truth of who you are, to yourself, and to the world!

Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, Sophie is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and she hosts the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

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