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Season 14 – Episode 27: The Starseed Mission & The Evolution of Consciousness with Steve Noble

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Our world is going through a major transition, many have called this process ascension. As our world is shifting so too many individuals are being called to step up and hold access a higher level of consciousness and presence. This group are the starseeds who are here on a mission to wake up and anchor high frequency grids through their own energy fields. Starseeds are not natives of this planet meaning they feel a greater affinity with a number of other star systems and dimensions. Starseeds tend to be: very sensitive, drawn to spirituality rather than religion, have a strong intuition, see the world differently from most other people, and they feel in this time frame a sense of urgency, that they are here to do something but they are not sure what that is. Starseeds are here to heal and transform the world in some way. That healing and transformation always begins with their own lives and reality.

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Steven Nobel

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Steven Noble and learn…

1. How do you know you are a Starseed?
2. What is the awakening process like? What can you expect?
3. What specific missions do Starseeds have here (and there are several uniquely different missions)?