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Angelic Sound Healing Miracles with Stewart Pearce

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2019/01/28 16:00:00

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We had such an elevated, high vibrational conversation with Stewart Pearce that we want to continue this transmission and interact with YOU in this special broadcast at a special time!  Stewart will be taking your questions and we’ll be surrounded by the angelic realm which is often palpable when we set our intentions to connect in this way.

 Join us for this Quantum Conversation with the legendary Stewart Pearce who is one of the world’s leading Spiritual Teachers, acclaimed by major celebrities as an Angelic Emissary Voice Alchemist, and Master of Voice.   Just listening to Stewart’s voice activates profound healing and transformation as the Angels bring their energies directly through his presence.

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Stewart is opening his calendar for a special series of personal sessions for our community! Read on for benefits of a Angelic Sound Healing Session with Stewart.

How I would benefit significantly from a session with Stewart, and receiving Angelic Sound Healing:

  • enjoying a session with Stewart, as the Emissary of the Angels of Atlantis means that I will receive an immediate Angelic Upcharge to all of my core energies, bringing greater love, well-being and joy into my life
  • connecting with the Angels of Atlantis means that any creative process I wish to engage in – whether this be increasing my levels of abundance, starting a new job, beginning a relationship, healing a physical challenge or an emotional wound – all will receive accelerated healing and inspired transformation
  • drawing energy from the Angels of Atlantis will immediately expand my field, and through Meditation, Pray and Affirmation, I will feel much closer to the Divine, removing negative energies from my life, and releasing karmic patterns
  • communicating with the Angels as Light Beings means that the vision of my better self will be fully expanded in the presence of these beautiful Cosmic forces
  • feeling my Guardian Angels presence around me means that I can always call upon them to help with any important decision, or situation
  • loving the Angels vibration near me means that my ability to manifest a wonderful life full of harmony and richness will occur
  • tapping into the Angels means that my innate talents, and psychic abilities will evolve, so that tuning into the Angels is like receiving regular amazing calls on my cell phone
Stewart Pearce

Enjoy Our Previous Conversation in Video or Audio

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation where you will discover:

  • How YOU acquired Lifetimes of Karma, that has been a major obstacle getting in the way of your very own miracles – and yet let this be instantly released by the Angels today!
  • Guidance from Archangel Michael the Cosmic Leader about how to create the 2019 of your dreams, with a power and purpose, and no matter what happens in the news
  • Acquire Angelic insight into your Divine plan for 2019 from the man who mentored Princess Diana, Marianne Williamson and Eddie Redmayne by having your voice heard through embodying divine presence.

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