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Feel at Home in Your Universal Skin with Susann Taylor Shier

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2018/09/14 16:00:00

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You are a remarkable multidimensional soul, aware of the influx of the higher energies in many ways, while also being very sensitive to the energies continually ‘ping-ponging” around you here in this dimension. Know that there is a glorious place here for your astounding soul, while honoring your sensitivity, your intuitive abilities, your empathic nature, and your sense that you are a very expanded soul, trying to live in a physical body. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to reset the way you live life on planet earth, for both yourself and for the planet, for they go together hand and glove. THIS IS THE MEANS to create a heart-centered focus for your world, and thus the world you draw to you. THIS IS THE WAY to gain personal power from the divine to charge your mastery of being fully alive in the world – just as it is.

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Susann Taylor Shier

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Build the luminous bridge for heaven on earth for an embodied existence.
  2. Open the universal portal to directly experience your HOME WORLD
  3. Live in the expanse of your universal multidimensional reality NOW, while flourishing in a full-blown life of joy HERE ON EARTH.

Susann will also Consciously channel the vibration of Divine Love with her team, the Beloveds.