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Portals to Guidance with Tamara Herl

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Are you tired of putting up with social structures in the world that seem broken?

  • Teachers are being blamed when students who are unsupervised at home can’t learn online
  • You only get 15 minutes with your doctor and you can only talk about one issue per visit
  • Women and people of color are being oppressed
  • Sex trafficking and other acts of violence are happening to vulnerable populations, & society looks the other way
  • We’re destroying our planet’s natural resources

You might be telling yourself, “I don’t know enough to solve this problem.” Or “Someone else will do it.” But when you think those thoughts, that’s just your Shadow Part keeping you small.

It’s likely that the reason you’re bothered by these things is because YOU are being called to become a Spiritual Catalyst to help create the New Earth. And luckily, you don’t have to have all the answers about how to solve these problems, because the Universe wants to help, and its streaming information to you every day through different portals.

With intention and practice, you can learn to intentionally seek out the Universe’s guidance through Portals it commonly uses, including Art, Nature, Body Wisdom, and even your Shadow Parts.

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Tamara Herl

In today’s interview, Tamara Herl will talk about her program, Portals to Guidance, that teaches people how to:

  • Access Universal Consciousness through portals
  • Connect with the spark of the Divine within each of us
  • Decipher the messages you receive & act on them to create change
  • Stop being held back by limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Step into your power and live your life purpose

Tamara will lead you through a guided meditation to help you connect with Universal Guidance through the portal of Nature so you can explore what YOUR role might be in helping to create the New Earth.
Don’t wait for someone else to fix what’s broken in society! Get the tools you need so YOU can become the one you’ve been waiting for!

About Tamara Herl

As Tamara Herl worked in mental health over the past 30 years, she became concerned when she saw how broken the system seemed to be.

Just like you, she saw too many people who had a true passion for helping leave the field after becoming burned out or disillusioned. In response, Tamara began developing a wide variety of services and programs to help people tap into Universal Consciousness and Guidance to transform the organizations and social structures in which they work, and to create new structures and systems that are in the highest good of all. Now more than ever, people like you need skills to transform the parts of our systems that seem broken, and Tamara can help you do that.

She facilitates profound coaching sessions, energy work, workshops, and classes, both virtual and on sight at Wild Divine Retreat Center near Colorado Springs, her beautiful 8.5 acre property that includes a labyrinth, a sparkling stream, sacred geometry, and hiking trails.

An expert in Transformational Guidance, Forest Therapy and mental & spiritual health, Tamara Herl has more than 3 decades of teaching, counseling, and coaching experience. Tamara is a speaker at local, state, national, and international levels.

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