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Accurate Readings by Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Controlled Remote Viewer with Terry Anderson

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2018/02/28 16:00:00

Accurate Readings by Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Controlled Remote Viewer

As a child I was highly sensitive to the subtle energies of nature, animals, people’s emotions, illnesses & experienced deceased relatives sitting at the end of my bed communicating with me.

My abilities greatly expanded after a sudden brutal 4th NDE, that led to extensive ongoing training in controlled remote viewing, sciences & spiritual arts with experts around the world.

When I came back to this body, I knew that everything has a unique frequency & I had the ability to read frequencies with exquisite detail, regardless of time or location.

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Terry Andersen

I provide accurate medical intuitive, psychic, medium & controlled remote viewing Readings in any field or time, regardless of whether or not the person/s are present or not, over live video, by phone, in person or through referral during a Reading.

Doctors & people call me “A Healer”. I consider this work to be “a gifted calling & great honor” to be in service to those who need my assistance. I’m currently studying neurosciences toward becoming a Doctor of Natural Medicine so I can help even more people.

I’ve experienced miracles during mediumship Readings when those who’ve taken their own lives come through to their loved ones & both are healed between dimensions. These are very deep healing events that change everyone involved for generations.

I look forward to working with you & those you care about.