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Warriors of Ascension with Tracey Ash

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We have an unprecedented cosmic opportunity to redefine humanity. Just what is happening in 2019/2020. In visions, of prophesy and contact since childhood Tracey Ash has been directed to premier ancient sites to open the seven gateways to our central sun. In her work with individuals she is a formidable channel and catalyst of your original sacred contracts. She is an EMOTO scientifically researched field-leader and meta-physics genius. Capable of weaving timelines over life times.

A powerful prophesy and subsequent downloads took place in The Great Pyramid of Giza where all power generators shut down in September 2018. Even the back-up. For over an hour, she worked in black out and void in the Kings Chamber, uninterrupted.

In January 2018, at Uluru Tracey was instructed once again to open the star-gate. This footage correlates to same-date Nasa photography.. All of her star-gate experiences consistently gift extraordinary contact, False Matrix resolution and sacred contracts reboot for individuals. There is another benefit meta-physics. This knowledge gifted to her also powerfully impacts False Matrix. A huge concern in our fight foe freedom, health and survival.

She shares her journey of star-gates, timelines, contact and quantum ascension. Her message is one of HOPE FOR HUMANITY. Her prophesies deliver just how we experience and achieve this. These are the great secrets alchemists and mystics of all times have referenced. She will share revolutionary training methods rooted in Ancient Intelligence Mystery School co-founded with her husband. As co-Founder of Avatars of The Earth Gathering, Mt. Shasta, she is a key activist and mobiliser of avatar consciousness and the 144,000 dedicated to New Earth. We talk revolution.

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