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Quantum Jump from the Matrix into 5D! with Tracy Kenline

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2018/04/18 16:00:00

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We take a Quantum Conversation into 5D Living with New Earth Coach Tracy Kenline who is a system buster and a wayshower of how to exit the Matrix, drop all old programming, matrix codes and lineages that are keeping you from your soveriegnty and higher consciuosness. Tracy explains what it’s like to move thru the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension and into the 5th dimension. Listen in and learn more about how you can Live New Earth by using the inner GPS of the Heart and the 3rd eye. Tracy is on a mission to assist in the great starseed, lightworker, earth angel awakening.

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Tracy Kenline

A Message from Tracy

I have been personally integrating 5D energies for the past 4 years. When I felt I was “on the other side,” in 3D and 4D, I desperately wanted to know everything about this process. I had so many questions. Now, I really like to explain how each dimension feels like, how to recognize it, what the dynamics are. I like to help provide guidance to others that remind me of the many questions I had before my re-awakening, which went unanswered and led to a lot of personal confusion, pitfalls, and the feeling as if I was swimming around in circles wasting precious “time.”

My main passion is helping lightworkers, starseeds and earth angels, to awaken, integrate their soul light into their bodies, and to become awakened and engaged in this world and this life. There is a more efficient way to awaken into 5D now that does not require being out of your body, out in the stars, or swimming through modality after modality to “get there.” This takes up precious time in which lightbearers could actually be fullfilling their purpose here now! When lightworkers are awake, in their physical body, with both feet grounded on the New Earth, they can help the most by embodying the 5D frequency for the rest on humanity and simultaneously fulfilling their purpose. When lightbearers are fullfilling their purpose they are the most activated, fulfilled, and present in the here and now. It’s time for us to be HERE!!! I help earth angels, empaths and starseeds identify where they are still in the matrix, how to identify 3D, 4D, and 5D, learn how to self-source by feeding themselves with light, so they are not dependent on others. I help people learn how to activate and realign with their divine feminine and masculine energies, so they can navigate successfully in 5D. And with consistent sessions, I help people hear their soul’s voice more clearly and start making life choices from this guidance. As clients ascend, I help them to adjust and acclimate to their life with their newly operating, 5D neutral observer consciousness.

I now see how every situation in my life that I had viewed as “bad,” had a purpose toward this planet’s ascension. I was awakened when I was a child, and remember feeling different than other humans. I remember observing people with marked curiosity. I chose to go into amnesia around the age of 12. I became a system buster for many matrix programs (abuse, patriarchy, lack programs, etc.). Before I remembered my purpose as a lightbearer, I felt very different and judged for being in messy relationships and situations. When I finally started remembering my multidimensional self (around the recent millenium) I understood that my “messy” life choices had a very important purpose! I also went through a fairly grueling dark night of the soul in 2007. I experienced life changes and loss in the physical and in relationships. I wanted to die, to leave this planet. I pleaded with god to grant me this, but it didn’t happen. After this dark night, I felt very frustrated with my own ego and where the planet was, and I abandoned most of my spiritual connection and practices until 2013 when I upgraded and remembered myself at a more profound level. I saw visions of my self coming from a parallel, crystalline, enlightened universe incarnate into this life and body in order to help earth.

From 2013 to present, I have been transitioned from system busting, working in the brutal trenches of the matrix, to living in an ascended vibration where I bask in this higher vibe light, and teach others how to do this too.