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Warriors of Ascension + Contact with Tracey Ash

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2019/01/09 16:00:00

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We are the new revolutionary generation. We have it. We grow it. We are committed to ascension beyond all else. We are the warriors of truth. The masters of disclosure. The revolutionaries who overhaul reality. The wound weavers who show world can be created in another way. We are the generation that will finally, finally listen. We are the generation that finally awakens. We are the generation that will be listened to. We are the sacred new way. This is going to be incredible new frontier discussion and radio. We will explore how more of us can manifest as agents of extraordinary change, ascension and service.

Humanity is unjustifiably enslaved, manipulated and hijacked by elite-power agendas and their false timelines. Reality is shaped by their programs and our consciousness. Frequency meta-physics manifest and define world, the stories we believe, attach to and generate. This is truly incredible stuff! We can now go beyond 3D and 4D! And we unravel the timelines and reality itself!

The good news is 5D is always being called. BUT HOW DO WE ACHIEVE IT? CAN WE ACHIEVE IT? In this crazy and potent ascension window we can evolve as creators of exceptional consciousness and sacred reality. This is the way of unprecedented change and sacred future. During this mega-interview we will be exploring new earth, star-gates, radical energy system overhaul, smashing programs, power ascension, service and the new spirituality arena. We will be dropping in 5D loaded sacred initiation and transformation, new high frequency technologies and contact for mind-blowing reality change.

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