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Upcoming Guests – Season 19

Steven Nobel: Starseeds: Time to Wake Up, The Aquarian Age Has Begun!

The Piscean Age has been dominated by hierarchy, and power. The key to the astrological sign Pisces is “I believe.” During this age you needed to find someone or something to believe in. When you found that thing, you attached yourself to that it. That could be a religion, a guru, a political ideology, or a charismatic leader. The keys to life were hidden and secret within the various halls of power.


Danielle Rama Hoffman: Scribe with Guides and Illusion Busting

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a scribe for Thoth and the Council of Light. She shares on how we can begin to Scribe with universal, cosmic consciousness.

Bust through the top 5 scribing blocks.

This thorough deprogramming of the doubts, fears, overlays, and separations of the top five tribal consciousness beliefs is an essential key to elevate your Scribe consciousness.


Christel Hughes: A Quantum Conversation

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives. Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest A Quantum Conversation with Christel Hughes Enjoy this episode in 2019/01/23 16:00:00About This ShowChristel Hughes is an international Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Multi-dimensional Visionary, known by many as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in self-development,…



Join Christof as he shares the latest in planetary ascension news, wheat has been happening in the last few months on the planet, the latest planetary updates and upgrades. The results from the recent Paradigm Convergence 11.11 Solomons Temple Tour, and the repercussions expanding out through the Earth grids as a consequence. He will also share what you can be doing on a personal level to enhance the planetary ascension process and enter into greater flow, harmony and prosperity on your own soul journey here on Earth.

Christof Melchizedek
Althea Provost

Althea Provost: Navigating the Quantum Field

Let’s explore the quantum field, examine your interaction with the spirit-mind-body trinity, uncover your emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs with authenticity, awareness and openness. Althea Provost will share the view, take live callers and assist you with now moment reflection.