Quantum Conversations

Upcoming Guests – Season 15

Daniel Scranton: Channeling as an Avenue to Ascension

We will be exploring what channeling is, how someone can begin their channeling journey, and how it is a way of bringing oneself closer to all aspects of self, including the higher dimensional and extra-terrestrial aspects. Daniel will also channel for the audience, answering whatever questions are asked while bringing through his long-time guides, The Creators.


Jon Berman: The Universal Law of Efficiency – Mathematical Proof for Healing

In this call with Jon, we will learn about the newly discovered Universal Law of Efficiency. We will learn how the ULE was used by Enlightened Masters throughout the world and how to gain enough energy to light up a dark room while meditating. We will also learn about the five things you need to heal, how to heal or prevent almost any disease, and how to make universal peace not only possible, but inevitable. A bold claim, but a mathematically proven universal law is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of fact.


Sananda & Shekinah Kryst: TwinRay Illumination

The Cosmic Kryst manifests as the Divine Intelligence throughout the Unified Field of Source and is experienced/inperienced as Unity Consciousness. This field of infinite energy over-lights and sustains the entire multiverse through the Heavenly Presence of Unconditional Love.


Ananda Vardhan: Songs for the Golden Age

Join us in a High Vibrational Musical Exploration with Ananda Vardhan, whose Krishna- and the Beatles-inspired music takes us into dance, celebration and Joy. His songs Love is Free, Truly Yours, Soul Free are featured in this episode and he even sings for us on the spot.


Christel Hughes: The Enlightened Empath

Are you tired of being the processing plant for other’s emotions, feeling out of Control and going into Overwhelm
Are you in need of some powerful and Basic tools that can energetically support you – going from being a “human Sponge” to being in Charge of your energy?
What if you could finally understand how to regulate your sensory input so that you no longer need to shut yourself down or “Shield” yourself from others?