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Entering the Truth Era with Valeria Tignini

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2018/06/08 16:00:00

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Entering the Truth Era – A Conversation on ETs, Starbeings, Star Family & Diamond Consciousness

Source Enegy Channel Valerie Tignini shares an update on the Shift in Consciousness and how we are becoming elevated Beings with no limitations (but only after a purification process). She shares her story of various awakening points in her lifetime, beginning with an ET experience when she was 9 years old and just recently with a kundalini awakening 8 years ago.  This Quantum Conversation also explores Star Beings, Star Family and the History of the Earth’s first root races.   Her connection to her own Star Family revealed to her a new Diamond Consciousness is now available and she leads us into the Sirius Diamond Meditation & Transmission. This is a journey to release you from the old 3D Matrix and into feeling and knowing who you Truly Are.

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valeria tignini

Many wonder what kind of times we are heading into. Even though some see the awakening of many, others worry about the dark is penetrating into the light and the lightworkers are losing strength. There is a large number of people worried about the Earth’s current affairs and how it may live on a non-abundant planet.

We are not to worry, as a matter of fact, worrying and fear feeds that lower vibration of which will allow for the reality to maintain the distortion of the light coming through. The time that we are in is a time of ushering the new age of higher vibrational reality. Our planet is ascending and so are we humans. We are to enter what I call the “Truth Era”. The reason why I call it this is because we are piercing through the veil as the more and more collectively are starting to wake up. The veil that has been designed to keep us asleep into our lower selves so that we may be stuck as slaves to the matrix and the elitist that have been ruling this planet for thousands of years. We have have been blessed by our Galatic Family with beings such as Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, Isis and Osiris, The Hathors, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Krishna and Radha, Saint Germain, Babaji, and many more. The teachings of Christ Consciousness have been hidden in secret societies and kept hidden since Atlantian and Lumerian times. Spiritual hierarchies were formed and through this, the teachings were consciously chosen to be taught to initiates only. Through this tradition, the initiates have turned away from love and into ego. The control of the truth started to become controlled simply to control the light that comes from it.

The Truth is a powerful vibration that can elevate any lower states of consciousness and we are about to see this laced throughout our lives, especially if you are a Quantum Conversations follower. We will start to see the reveals of precious secrets that have been controlling our matrix through fear. Let the war of love and fear begin, but fear doesn’t know that it has nothing on love.