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Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery with Vandana Atara Aura

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In this quantum healing transmission, you have full permission to lean in & tap into cosmic christed healing from your magical multidimensional medical team.

This is a unique opportunity to trust that you are never alone & that your soul assigned healing team is always on call to ease your mind & soothe your soul 24/7.

As you let go of earth trauma, the divine doctors & spirit surgeons extract suppressed stress, remove core fear & re-set your nervous systems to align you with the divine & support your greatest growth.

Bring your healing requests to your 5D soul appointed medicals who over-see & over-light you & your current 3D medical team.

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Vandana Atara

Take a break from stress, worry & fear to receive divine treatments, etheric surgeries & holy frequencies in the galactic great white lodge of miraculous health, healing & well-being.

Learn how you can access your own inner pharmacy to integrate & acclimate the ascension energies with your the perfect blend of star elixirs, plasmic light and nature intelligence from the central sun, your home planet & the inner earth realms.

On today’s quantum conversation, Vandana will be sharing:

  • How To Call In Your 5D Christed, Galactic & New Earth Medical Team
  • Cosmic Clearing Codes To Unlock Physical & Emotional Pain
  • Ways That You Can Detox Toxic Karma & Childhood Trauma
  • Quantum Healing To Complement & Supplement Your 3D Medical Care
  • Divine Doctoring, Psychic Surgery & Advanced Laser Light Technology
  • Gentle & Non-Invasive Therapies To Experience Greater Energy, Vitality & Rapid Recovery

You deserve to Embody New Earth Energy, Vitality & Codes Of Immortality From The Inner Planes Of Miraculous Healing.

If you’re ready to feel comfortable in the skin you’re in, then dive in & take this powerful cosmic journey to reclaim your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being in all timelines, lifetimes, galaxies & realities.

Your healing journey begins when you say YES to gift yourself permission to receive the divine dosage & cosmic prescription of etheric acupuncture, laser light, color therapies, sacred geometries & miraculous healing that only exist in the quantum realms.