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Divine Healing Intervention with Vandana Atara

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2018/12/26 16:00:00

About this Show

Meet & Greet Your Spirit Doctors, Surgeons & Divine Healing Intervention Team

Experience a divine healing intervention and align with the divine.

The Accelerated Light Divine Healing Codes have arrived to give humanity relief from many causes of physical, mental & emotional addictions to pain and suffering.

The Divine Healing Codes have been brought to us by the kindness of Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael who are concerned for our well-being as we walk upon Gaia.

Each soul has its own team of spirit doctors, surgeons, counselors & specialists assigned to us at birth.

They guide us, direct us & protect us when we tune in & slip into the gap between our thoughts, that space of sweet stillness & deep comfort.

They heal us on every layer & level of our being. They visit us in dream time.

Our medical spirit team respects our free will & will honor us by waiting until we call upon them.

When we remember to ask for their blessings, miracles & grace, they always come.

You may experience their loving & kind presence nudging you into making different choices, leaving old relationships, changing careers, moving to a different location, changing your diet, & showing up in a completely new way.

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