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Master Your Spiritual Hygiene with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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2018/09/20 16:00:00

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Be the best you for a life filled with joy, peace, love & harmony

As we are bombarded with so much turmoil in these shifting and challenging times; the energies of that turmoil interpenetrates our life force ‘whether we are conscious of this or not’ and if we are not vigilant these discordant energies can cause blockages and disruption in our entire Divine Energy Matrix.

This Divine Energy Matrix is the interpenetration of our Mind, Body & Spiritual energy bodies and because they are synergistically interwoven, our wellbeing or ill-boding can be the result. As humans we have a Divine Energy Matrix which connects us with our Supreme Source and also with our beloved Mother Earth.  This matrix consists of and interpenetrates with our energy bodies, our auric fields, our chakras, meridians, and all that we are.   As a human living on Mother Earth we have chosen to take up residence here to further our Souls journey and to experience Ascension in this lifetime- if we so choose.  Our desire or otherwise to fulfil this mission rests solely in our hands

‘Understanding this enables us to become conscious creators in life. What we dwell upon, we become. What we consistently picture in mind, what we joyfully (or fearfully) think about day in and day out, we become.

Once we understand that we magnetically attract and become that which we focus on, and that our current evolutionary goal is for us to grow into a Soul-conscious species, one of the wisest things we can do is to spend our days joyfully imagining being an awakened Soul, in service of love’.  (quoted from the I Am University)

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. The importance of having a clear Divine Energy Matrix as we go forward to achieve conscious Mastery
  2. What is the Assemblage Point in our Energy Matrix and the effect it has on our wellbeing
  3. Clearing our Karma with the Lords of Karma what does this mean?