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Season 13 – Episode 1: High-Vibe Music and Sound Healing with Wah! Devi

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with High-Vibe Musicians Wah Devi who shares her energetic, soul-funky and rhythmic music in this episode! As we discuss Sound Healing, Wah explains that healing is an exchange with the elements; it is spacious, divine, and geometric. First question is, what are you interacting with? Second question, is there any spaciousness in that interaction? The whole world contains miraculous possibilities of spacious, loving wholeness. There are ways to change your thoughts, brainwaves, light, electromagnetic field, energetic bodies, breathing and senses to create an environment for healing and transformation.

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Wah! Devi

Here are a few things that you will ask yourself on our call:

1. What’s your daily routine? How do you surround yourself? In what order do you enact your routine?

2. What’s your mission? It’s something you promised yourself you would find. It is your theme throughout life. Some people explore leadership, others service, others cooperation, others abuse, others loyalty. People may join you to explore it together for awhile, but it always comes back to that longing you have within you.

3. When do you take time for yourself during the day? What are you doing? How does it feel?