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Alive in the Mystery, Impassioned and Thriving with Wanda Vitale

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Many are referring to this time as the Phoenix Rising and are choosing to birth the unique rea-son we’re here on the planet. A new world is birthed through us, as us, as we embody our di-vine child who is utterly excited to live in the moment to moment explosion of possibility and creation. The soul blueprint already contains this perfect path for our unique destiny and pure resonance of Being. The leaders and change makers of this new age are being called to step into their authority and to resolve the programming and patterns that prevent the accel-eration of living a quantum life where everything is possible.

We’ll talk about some of the phases of embodiment and how to navigate the birthing process: the surrender process, the lulls, zero point, accessing different timelines, and the role of our higher dimensional aspects and how to work with them. When we understand energetics we can apply the principles to every practical situation in our lives to create a juicy and meaningful life. We’ll share ways to prepare for 2020 with its perfect energetic setup for resurrection. Our most heartfelt desires are asking us to let go and live in quantum uncertainty so that every-thing we need to birth our new lives can show up – and it does! Are you ready?

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Living and thriving in the ‘not knowing’
  2. Bending reality
  3. Staying focused, grounded and practical during massive shifts