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How Your Choices in the NOW Moment Determine Your Ascension Path with Wendy Hutchinson

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We are in a pivotal moment in human history as Earth is making her ascent to higher dimensional experience and choices are currently being made by each individual to determine their level of ascension. We are in multiple realities at the same time and where we choose to align will manifest our reality in resonance. As we ascend or descend, we achieve different levels of consciousness as individuals and of course lend our essence to the collective. Our vibration alignment will create either heaven on earth in our human experience (one of ease and flow) or alignment with your fears creating experiences in resonance with those lower vibrational frequencies.

With every choice you make, you will pull down frequencies creating new Earth timelines and experience for you. You are constantly traversing multiple dimensions as you are multidimensional beings. Creating outcomes from the zero point field requires mastery of yourself and consciously choosing in each NOW moment to align with yourself at Source.

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Wendy Hutchinson

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore:

Tools that are not only helpful but necessary to break free of the deep programming and create a new reality for yourselves holding higher frequency and vibration:

3. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of all aspects of self

Ascension requires harmonic resonance which is the ability to anchor and hold the dimensional vibration. Density must be shed to go higher and exist/create in the frequency of the higher dimensions – 100% vibrational resonance is required. This is where the human must do the inner work and release all the programming, cellular memory, and begin to rewrite the DNA through thought and action. Trying to remain in higher harmonics without this resonance will result in distortion and extreme suffering. It’s impossible and will result in descent into lower harmonics/realities. As we moved forward along the time track those who are holding onto the 3D fear programs will suffer because they are choosing to remain in that vibration. As you ascend and go higher you will come to a nexus point leading you to the next dimensional experience. It will feel uncomfortable and tight and you will be squeezed through the eye of the needle so to speak. This is where breakdowns occur and extreme circumstance and destruction happens. It is in this space where emotions start to peak. These are the spaces we are shaken and stirred as things rise to the top of our awareness to be examined, processed and released. For many it feels like like the end and in a way it is because we must clear the field in order to rise. We must cut the ballast and weight to go higher.

There are 12 dimensions and different gradients of frequency within them. Many believe the ascension ceiling to be the 12th dimension, however there are several ascension tracks currently including ascension outside this matrix. As we make our way through and hold a higher light quotients, more is revealed to us as downloads and knowing. The higher selves drop information down on a need to know basis which is incredibly frustrating and confusing at times. To the human who wishes for constant confirmation and linear explanation, this need to understand all will hinder their progress. Trying to understand a quantum concepts through the limited lens and perception of EGO and a linear mind is so difficult. There is no human explanation as you go higher because you are experiencing a multi dimensional life and a way of being/existing completely different from the 3D experience.

It is imperative at this time for everyone to stop seeking answers externally and go in. Tremendous faith is required, belief in yourself, and trust that your higher self lineage is providing the answers. This is based on feeling not thinking. This requires pure alignment from you through you to you at source. To go higher requires FAITH in yourself. This is where discernment comes in. There is a lot of energy bombarding the planet at this time and like a fine tuned instrument, we must align with the energy that FEELS right. Our ascension experience is an individual one although the choices made by each individual affect the collective. EVERY INDIVIDUAL is responsible for their OWN ascension and we must allow every incarnate to make their own choices. We do not know what their soul contracts look like or the level to which they have cleared karma. It is the EGO wanting to intervene. We are to be/experience our own individual journey. Through connection within ourselves to source the answers will come. Creation and beauty flow from us as we align with our truth. It will require courage to break from the people, programs, comfort of what no longer resonates. Trust that everything is possible for you and you have been given the tools to choose your path, you have merely forgotten. Reach higher because everything you can imagine is on the other side of fear.

About Wendy Hutchinson

Wendy is a Writer, Public Speaker, certified level IV Marconics Energy Practitioner, and Intuitive Ascension and Life Coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. She has published in the The Missing Piece Magazine, In5D, Medium, Sivana East, and The Elephant Journal. She’s a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential.

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