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The Journey From The Head To The Heart with William Linville

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2018/05/28 16:00:00

The Journey From The Head To The Heart

This is a journey from self doubt and worries etc… to the heart and feeling and seeing through all of what what is around you; while receiving clarity from your Higher Levels which will open you more and more.

From all of your incarnational journeys to right now, and all of the interesting impacts upon you, you’re bringing what you do, and how you feel when you do what you do, through this beautiful celebration and communion of the heart and the crystallis states of consciousness. You’re birthing through all of the density to really begin to break it up, from underneath it, all the way through it and above it, which in turn is the higher and the lower levels of consciousness coming together. It’s the communion of the higher and lower levels of your consciousness reaching such a beautiful, passionate clear state; a clear slate of consciousness to move forth, to run forth, to open, to amplify and of course activate within each and every cell of your physicality, within all the fabrics of your physical form, as well as all the fabrics within and throughout the whole planetary matrix.

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• How to be a constant instrument of the Cosmic Stream
• How to Play in a New Paradigm by following your Heart

William Linville