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Advanced Light-work & Multidimensionality with Xi Earthstar Healer

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2019/02/20 16:00:00

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The inspiration to Create a New Earth, a New Paradigm, a New Civilization based on Love, Authenticity and Wholeness percolates beyond our awareness, into our Body and our moment to moment creations of Reality. The rift between the “False Matrix” and the “Organic Matrix of Living Light” becomes more and more evident. The “mission” is simple, yet complex: Reconnect All Photons Back to Source, aka: re-align all fallen energy within the creation matrix back to the Frequency of Organic Matrix of Living Light.

Our Human Consciousness and Creativity is incredibly vast and powerful, and had been hijacked and deceived into creating the False Matrix to sustain edacious astral entities and elite human families. It is in the reclaiming of our Consciousness and Creativity that we can restore Sovereignty to Humanity and the natural living systems of the Earth. Advanced Psychic LightWork invites lightworkers to uplevel our Higher Sense Perceptions, Psychic capabilities and confidence in Consciousness Navigation in oneness with the Living Source. To become an active participant in the Liberation of Humanity from the multi-dimensional binds of the false matrix.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Xi

Xi’s 7D Andromedan geneticist aspect has explored in depth the multi-dimensional technologies and distortions which were used to trap human consciousness and spirit. We have been exploring the multi-dimensional systems of domination and control, from the planetary grid damage caused by satanic ritual abuse and human trafficking, to collective astral mind control technology, to astral optical implants spread through pornography and television. Through these years of psychic explorations into the false matrix and its effects on our experience in our body, together with my Galactic and Angelic team we have created various light technologies and shamanic healing techniques designed to address the effects of the false matrix, and Restore Divine Coherence in the multi-dimensional body. Through mastering this holistic perspective and restoration techniques we become true Custodians of the Earth, learning to use these techniques not only to heal our whole Self, but that of the Collective and the Earth.

In order to truly move into the Frequency of a New Earth, which is the way to co-creating New Earth, we have to clear out all the debris of the false matrix. Advanced Psychic LightWork is the process of moving through the various dimensions of our being both individually and collectively, that may still carry this debris, and identifying layers and fields of subtle energy where the false matrix hides. From artificial realities of AI programming, to implants, portals and cellular degeneration, I am sharing my multi-dimensional library of frequencies both through words and energy, so they can be accessed psychically. This is an invitation to Step Powerfully into a Deeper Embodiment of our Higher Self and Divine Service to Love.

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