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Advanced Light-work & Psychic Empowerments with Xi Earthstar Healer

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2018/12/19 16:00:00

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In today’s show, Xi EarthStar Healer takes us on a journey into the depth of Advanced Psychic LightWork.  Advanced Lightwork is a body of information currently in synthesis, born out of a pure intention to Reconnect all aspects of Reality back to Source.  Since initiating her 6D/9D andromedan geneticist higher self, she has diligently studied the False Matrix, to dismantle, restructure and restore Humanity to the Organic Living Source Light Matrix of Life.  Satanic ritual abuse, mind control and abduction programs, mind control through TV and radio frequencies, poverty and fear, are all gradients of the same Sickness or distortion.  These traumas damage the DNA which then are passed down generation to generation.  These damages are seen in various levels of our multi-dimensional body, and are frequencies of information we can perceive in order to heal.  Through navigating the Source Field of Energetic Oneness with mindfulness and direction, a skill anyone can learn and cultivate, Advanced LightWork paves the way for us to join the Earth Custodianship, to accelerate the physical manifestation of New Earth.


EarthStar modality is a Source-Created Solution to healing this Great Sickness.  To tear apart and dissolve all Illusions programmed by the False Matrix in all its varied gradients, and give Birth to a New Reality connected to the True Reality of Earth and The Universe, starting with the complete restructuring and restoration of our Multi-dimensional Geometric System within.  As within so without, each’s own healing and liberation Births into the World, creating a New Earth based on Nature, Creativity, Love and Magic.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Xi

  1. Living a Mystical Life ~ walking the transition from false-matrix consciousness to the Gaian Living Light Matrix consciousness
  2. Advanced Light-Work & Grid-work tips: how to expand our consciousness, open up our third eye, connect to our Source of Infinite Power & Step into Stewardship of Mama Gaia.
  3. Songs from Source & a group quantum light field restoration journey –

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