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Insights from a Millennial Star Child with Xi Earthstar Healer

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2018/10/10 16:00:00

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Xi Earthstar Healer joins us for another Quantum Converstaion to share on her adventures of 2018. She will share about grid-work and light-work journeys, and her perspective on the shift in Consciousness on Earth.   In her healing work as an angelic millenial, she finds herself again and again working with older generation of indigos. It is an agreement we made as we planned our tier by tier starseed incarnation plan – the strong and wise chose to incarnate earlier in the game to set the groundwork and bust through the old foundations, so that younger starseeds  can actually bring in the codes that we carry. In reverence, respect and honour, she gives back to those who came before her, to not only honour them but to “bail them out” of certain programs that may be the proverbial glass ceilings keeping them from moving into the next stage of Activation. The perspectives that Millenials are arriving with, are that which will prepare the world to receive those yet to arrive, the Rainbow Children. This is a very authentic space within which Xi shares on the most vulnerable and exciting thoughts, dreams, and reflections on her adventurous life of grid-work & activation missions.

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In this Quantum Conversation with Xi

  1. Living a Mystical Life ~ walking the transition from false-matrix consciousness to the Gaian Living Light Matrix consciousness
  2. Advanced Light-Work & Grid-work tips: how to expand our consciousness, open up our third eye, connect to our Source of Infinite Power & Step into Stewardship of Mama Gaia.
  3. Songs from Source & a group quantum light field restoration journey –