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Planetary New Earth Update with Xi Earthstar Healer

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2018/05/17 16:00:00

About This Show

Xi EarthStar is an Angelic Starseed, assisting Humanity in reclaiming their Infinite Creativity through the Healing of Sexuality and reclaiming Sacred Womb Wisdom for both Men and Women. Her Healing Modality catalyzes DNA Activation, Quanta Adjustments in Life-stream Creation, Soul Integration and Multi-Dimensional Self Integration. Her modality is based inSource Field Organic Intelligent Light & Sound Technologies co-created with Source,Angelics, and various Star families.

On today’s show, Xi shares her perception of energies and forward movement on our collective evolution & new Fields of energy in our Earth’s atmosphere which assist us in our Ascension and personal Journeys to New Earth.

For so long humanity had been fooled to believe that we can only Create by rearing children and working against our Soul Passion for survival of the family ~ In the Creation of Heaven on Earth, humanity must reclaim their position as Gods and Goddesses, Creators and Creatrix, Guardians and Lovers of Creation!

We will also discuss the physical & energetic process of re-activating power centres that were shut off from the degradation of Humanity’s Sacred Sexuality ~ How creation is a physical process with which the Physical Body is an essential aspect. How embodiment of Spirit in Body and the conscious learning of Who is Self in Spirit is what will bring out our Greatest Awakening and Joy in Life!

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In this Quantum Conversation with Xi

  1. Energetic Updates on New Earth & Humanity’s Collective Ascension
  2. Sacred Womb Wisdom, for Men & Women ~ All Beings have Etheric Wombs and the Masculine  and Feminine within which harmonies and together Creates ~ The New Earth will be Created and Grounded by Humanity completely shifting paradigms
  3. Timeline Manifestation through Inner Alchemy & Activating & Aligning the 3 power centres of the body to reclaim our Creative Power