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Release the Blocks to Manifesting Your Desires with Zach Rehder

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Manifesting in Alignment: Raising Your Vibration & Clearing Blocks

Whether it’s healing, abundance, a new relationship or ending some struggle in your life, most people often coming from a place that is out of alignment with the way the universe works. Many intentions are actually more effective at preventing your desires or even creating the opposite outcome.

Creating change in your life doesn’t happen from you wanting it to happen, change happens when you are ready for it. Change is allowed to show up when you are in alignment with that change.

Are you still trying to create change in your life the same way you always have?
Is it time to try something new?

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On this Quantum Conversation, we will….

1. Learn the greatest block to manifesting your desires
2. Expand your capacity to receive
3. Harmonize the blocks that seam to have you stuck

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