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Accelerating Timelines through the Energetics of Love with Zoe Davenport

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2019/03/29 16:00:00

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It’s 2019 and we as a collective have all come to a place that’s shifting beyond the old paradigms, stepping into joy through being, living and breathing the truth of who we are.

Learn key codes on how to resonate through the field of love as we will be lead through an impactful and sacred activation to open the heart, ground and imagine a potential timeline most aligned for the soul’s evolution.

The energetics of self-love is a way of life, of being and a system designed to ascend the entire experience of the soul through it’s the evolutionary contract.

Calling into divine resonance the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual parts, calling all energies back to the power of now and flowing into a joyful journey through connection to the higher heart and higher self.

A timeline is a potential based upon how the observer feels in that moment, through focussed intentions we can literally sense of feel a thread of a reality starting to take shape and decide if that would be the most pleasing experience or calling in something else more in resonance to the heart.

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Zoe Davenport