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Dear Promise Family,

The Promise Inner Circle is an opportunity for you to become more intimately associated with my work and the Plan of Redemption and Planetary Liberation. You will receive many benefits by joining this circle that will not only include special promotion codes for discounts on products but also you will receive access to information of a more refined spiritual nature not generally released to the public. I have been instructed by a potent spiritual source to prepare for a release of detailed instructions that is designed to aid people in achieving spiritual alignment and a process to connect with their life’s true purpose. Dr. Frank Stranges one of my mentors and one of the worlds greatest contactees of modern times has left a legacy I am guided to share with the world. He had an inner circle membership and instructed all of its members through the years to create their own inner circle groups. I am now following his instruction his instruction and I invite you to join me in this journey. This Inner Circle journey has yet to unfold but will include a higher caliber level of insight and information that is not secret per se but is geared towards a more refined and discerning spiritual palette.

Victory to the Light,

Rob Potter

Special Offer

INNER CIRCLE MEETINGS FROM DR FRANK STRANGES. As a member you will recieve access to monthly releases of mp3 files from the original inner circle meetings and messages from Dr Frank Stranges. These meetings and insider reports and teachings from Dr Frank and Commander Valiant Thor are amazing and essential for us to grasp the importance of the spiritual essence of our space families messages.

The Stranger at The Pentagon"The Stranger at The Pentagon" book is just the begining. The many wonderful truths in the book "Outwitting Tommorrow" are only the tip of the iceberg. Val Thor an Elohim or"Created Being" whose home is on Venus is the leader of the Solar Councils mission to earth. He was directly commissioned by Sananda-Yehoshua The Christ to oversee the planetary redemption plans to liberate earth an to make the people of earth aware that we are not alone in the universe.

Valiant Thor also has spoken to the United Nations on several occasions. Val has worked with the governments of the world to offer them interplanetary cultural exchange which would allow earth to advance in terms of technology. The governments or Cabal refused his offer of assistance to earth many years ago because it would threaten their positions of power and make our financial systems obsolete. Open contact would bring in free energy and advanced healing putting the pharmaceutical industries of sickness as well as the oil and electrical companies out of business as well.

The Stranger at The PentagonHe met Dr Frank Stranges at the pentagon in 1957 and began a long association which has been the source of a tremendous volume of spiritual information that Dr Frank faithfully revealed to the world over his 61 year ministry. Dr. Frank was an earthly member of the council of 12. This council was comprised of 6 space family members and 6 earthly counterparts. This council met regularly and discussed the plans and actions of how to administer humanity into the realization we are not alone on earth and we are responsible for our own spiritual awareness.

Dr Frank was given many lessons on the true history of the earth. He was also taken to Venus several times and to the inner earth agarthan network where he actually saw unicorns, mastadons and other dinosaurs including the famous Sasquatch. Commander Thor introduced him to large benevolent beings from 9-14 feet tall. Dr Frank was chosen by Val to share the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls which have been hidden from humanity by the Jewish authorities.

He was privilaged to meet the Ascended master Yehoshua the Christ on several occasions and you hear details of these astounding encounters. He was able to view holgrams of earths ancient history on special "History Coins" which projected the records of the Akashic right before his eyes. He shares the truth of the star of Bethlehem and When Moses met the Burning Bush. He shares the true eyewitness details of the Last Supper. You will learned who killed both Kennedy's and the location of the 12 Victor class spaceships which encircle the earth in their mission to oversee and protect the earth from hostile forces.

Dr Frank also survived 4 attempts on his life and you will learn how he was healed repeatedly by the intervention of Val Thor. Your will be able to once a month get updates of these special meetings and the revelation of profound and sacred teachings now being preserved as his legacy to us in the form of these digital files. The understanding of the philosophy of spirituality on Venus and the order of Melchizadech will be shared as well. The one special offer alone is well worth the investment as there are many other insights to be shared in the over 28 meetings and teachings of Frank Stranges that were recorded over the last 30 years.

Special Offer

You will Receive Special teachings from Rob as he is allowed to release more information on the true history of planet earth and the ongoing plans to heal planet earth.Some topics will include “The Order of Melchizadech” , Divine Intervention Technology and Protocols of utilization of these gifts to aid you in your missions to bring peace on earth. Newsletters with special prayers and invocation of light techniques shared by the guides to help you to harness your own soul mission.

Remember, you do one site at one time.

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The Science of Kriya Yoga and the Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. The lives of Babaji and Sai Baba will be covered with Robs personal experiences and sense of humour included. Many other topics will be developed and revealed month by month.

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Special downloads of rarely seen teachings of Yehoshua The Christ as well as prophecy of revelations so to be presented to the people of planet earth by our spiritual space family.

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Offer also includes...

1. You will recieve a $100% discount off of Robs summer conference 2016!
2. You will receive members only access to monthly Special offers for The Promise Revealed product line ranging from free shipping to incredible discounts on Robs fantastic products line.
3. Rob will offer discounts towards his personal healing and counseling sessions with individuals seeking guidance in handling the stresses and challenges of life on earth.
4. Discounts on Rob's occasional Webinars

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