Online Healing Retreat MAster Series

~ Online Healing Retreat ~

Vocal Awakening: An Introduction to Sonic Alchemy
with Amma Sophia Rose

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Online Healing Retreat
Vocal Awakening: Introduction to Sacred Breath, Light Language and Sonic Alchemy.

3 Sessions: MP3 Audio Downloads
Includes bonus downloads and course materials

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Downloadable MP3 audio recordings for home-study

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Online Healing Retreat Master Class Description:

Introduction to sacred breath, light language and Sonic Alchemy. Learn Sound Healing with Vocal Practices via the Teachings of the Divine Mother. Receive Transmissions to activate the Rainbow light body and Sonic Codes of Light. Amma Sophia Rose shares the Womb Teachings of the Divine Mother to reveal how one shuts off from speaking truth from the Sacred Heart. Learn how to find and free your voice within and access your inner power so you can easily and gracefully speak from your heart and create the life you wish to live. Share your wisdom that is deep within you.

In 3 Comprehensive Sessions of 2 hours each, you Will Learn How to:

Access and use your voice for your own self healing and activation of the Akaskic Records.

Speak the Language of light

Open the chakras with your own sound and tones.

Use breath to and sound to cleanse the 5 main organs and open your body to allow more Divine Light into your body.

Use a Meditation to activate your Soul Spark using the Goddess Alchemy Symbol.

Clearn Emotional Channels with Vocal Practices

Open to Your True Voice

Open Your Channels to Recieve Information

Vocal Practices to Clear Emotional channels

Enjoy three powerful, comprehensive sessions with Amma Sophia Rose who offers Activations of the Divine Light Codes and the Rainbow Light Body.

About Amma Sophia Rose

Amma Sophia is a High Priestess of Sonic Alchemy, Sound and Vibration. The gift of her voice was given to her through direct transmission from the Beloved Sophia. Never having the ability to sing before, it was no less than a miracle when the divine intonations of the Dove, Shekina Sophia sang through her on Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ. Sophia is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records and specializes in Sonic Rose Alchemy, Soul Essence Readings and Akashic Clearing. Her psychic abilities are astounding and intuitive. She embraces her shamanic nature integrating both the shadow and the light. She embodies the essence of a true alchemist with a gift for piercing through the veil of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation enable her to act as a divine conduit of universal love.

Amma Sophia's defining journey of initiation began at age 30 when she followed her spirit to sacred sites around the Earth. With trust of her intuition and faith in the universe, she was lead to Master Teachers, Sacred Sites, Mystics, and Healers around the world, who activated the many gifts she has incorporated into her oferings of love. These experiences in conjunction with the soul activations of Mother Earth, awakened the inner Goddess to reveal her soul's calling. It was through the powerful process of self love and acceptance that she was able to reclaim the lifetimes of soul memory, standing in the “I AM” presence of her life’s purpose as a Sonic Alchemist. Residing in Sacred sites such as Bali, Kauai HI and Sedona AZ, the last 12 years have been a progressive journey of daily devotion, study and service.

Amma Sophia recognizes you as a Master in your own right. She will hold you in this light of awareness until you can consciously embody it and recognize a deep sense of believe in yourself. Each Master Teacher she encountered was a reflection of this truth within her. She shares the lineage of the Codes of Light Transmissions to activate and awaken the hearts and minds of humanity to work in unity to bring peace, love and light to our planet.

3 Sessions: MP3 Audio Downloads

Click Here to Purchase $97
Downloadable MP3 audio recordings for home-study

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