About Addison Ames

Addison Ames is an awakened teacher, speaker, healer, channel, thought leader, and writer. Addison has gone through transformational change and the awakening of self and soul. He now channels the Divine in everyday life, addressing a range of topics from a high dimensional Creator level. Addison is also a full-body channel for Metatron, a high dimensional being specialized in ascension, spiritual development, and evolution for all creation, including Earth and humanity. He is also known as a healer using a range of modalities.

In his work, Addison shares high dimensional knowledge and wisdom that can help people through life’s situations, change, challenge, and opportunity. He helps people to awaken, heal, know and grow, know themselves, the human, the human experience, and to understand the Universe around them.

Addison Ames works from a place of truth, honor, integrity, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, freedom, hope, happiness, abundance, prosperity, inspiration, encouragement, and sometimes humor in his life and work.